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Classic Literature Collection (Browse Collection)

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea Jules Verne DRACULA Bram Stoker DRACULA The Wizard of Oz Treasure Island Robert Louis StevensonWilliam Shakepeare HaSTRANGE CASE OF Dr. JEKYLL AND Mr. HYDE ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON Heidi
The Case Book of Sherlock HolmesThe Adventures Of Tom Sawyer Mark Twain THE ART OF WAR SUN TZU THE ART OF WAR Robin Hood Beowulf Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley The Time Machine H.G. Wells

Classic Children’s eBook Collection (Browse Collection)



Science Fiction eBook Collection (Browse Collection)

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Audio Mp3 eBook Collection (Browse Collection)

A Passage To India, by E.M. ForsterDon Quijote EspagnolFrankenstein, by Mary ShelleyHow The Camel Got His Hump, by Rudyard KiplingBliss, by Katherine MansfieldManuscripts Found in a Bottle, by Edgar Allan PoeMoby Dick, by Herman Melville

The Picture Of Dorian Gray, by Oscar WildeWuthering Heights, by Emily BronteThe Great Gatsby, by F.S. FitzgeraldThe Raven, by Edgar Allan PoeTess Of The D'Urbervilles, by Thomas HardyHow The Leopard Got His Spots, by Rudyard KiplingMrs. Dalloway, by Virginia Woolf

Technical eBook Collection (Browse Collection)

C++ Programing Core-Servlets-and-JSPLinux Complete ManualInside AppleDesigning in JavaSevlets and Javaserver PagesBuilding Secure Network
Linux AdvancedUML AppliedRed Hat UnleashedWindows XP ManualMYSQL Complete ManualPrograming in CPrograming in Linux

Government Printing Office Collection (Browse Collection)

Iraq Study Group Report Released9/11 Commission ReportNational Energy PolicyWeapons of Mass DestructionThe Department of Homeland SecurityA Necessary War?Kosovo and the Republican Future

90th FTC Anniversary ProgramCuban Missile Crisis 1962Hong Kong in a ChokeholdEducation Policy BookThe Origins of the CIAFree TaiwanThe U.N.'s Israel Obsession

White House eDocuments Collection (Browse Collection)

Office of Managment and Budget 2002Barriers to Participation by Faith Based  OrganizationsMid-Session Review, Budget of the U.S. GovernmentInformation Collection Budget of the US GovernmentSaddam's Disinformation and Propaganda 1990-2003America's First Satellite ProgramPrinciples and Reforms for a Citizen Service Act

Estimates on Soviet Strategic Forces, 1950-1983Health and Fitness InitiativeThe National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace 2003The National Security Strategy of the USAThe President's Agenda for Tax ReliefSecuring Critical InfrastructuresNational Policy and Guiding Principles

Federal Trade Commission Collection (Browse Collection)

Tax JournalThe Effect of Mortgage Broker Compensation Disclosures on Consumers and CompetitionFederal Trade Commision 90th Anniversaty SymposiumA report by the FTC's Division of Marketing PracticesReport to Congress 2003Convergence or Divergence? Antitrust at the CrossroadsTowards a Culture of Securtity

State-by-State Overview of the Hight-Technolgy IndustryDeception in Weight-Loss Advertising Workshop: Stoping Weight-Loss FraudA Guide For The Media The FTC at 90mergers, Structual Change, and Antitrust EngorcementIndustry Practices in the Mortion Picture, Music, and Games IndustriesFederal Trade Commision 2004

Federal Depository Library Collection (Browse Collection)

Economic Report of the President 2004The Rules of the committe on Education and the Workforce for the 108th CongressPractieces for Submittng Electronic Design & Prepress FilesDescription of Revenue Provisions Contained in the President's Fiscal Year 2005 Budget ProposalU.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management: Rediscovering Your Public LandsThe committee on Ways and meansThe United States Capitol and Gongress

Washington's Farewell Address to the People of the United States - 1796committe Rules of Procedure for the Congress of the House Committee on Veterans' AffairsToward a New National Science PolicyA Citizen's Guide To the Federal BudgetNational Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the People's Republic of ChinaGPO Access Training ManualReport on the Electronic Systems Development Division's Internal Control Review

New American Century (Browse Collection)

Carrot and Stick, Szechuan StyleIs this a Successful China Policy?A National HumiliationOne War Too Many?Revolution in Military AffairsAutrocratic Generals and Democratic ArmiesBaghdad Is Not Mogadishu

Less Central, Mor Intelligent?Permanent Mormal AppeasementIraq One Year LaterLessons of a Nuclear North KoreaForeign Policy and The Republican FutureFree TaiwanPressuring Taiwan, Appeasing Beijing

Technology eBook Collection (Browse Collection)

Radio Grequency IdentificationThe Dynamics of Technology Based Economic DevelopmentCoordinating for ResultsScience and Technology Policy Infrastructure Guidelines and ReferencesA National Benchmarking Analysis of Technology Business Incubator Performance and PracticesA Unique German Contract Research Organization Comes to AmericaGlobal Patenting Trends

race to a New Automotive FutureSpace Economic DataGraphic of coverInnovation, Demand and Investment in TelehealthBroadband DemandThe Chemical IndustryInnovation, Demand and Investment in Telehealth

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Unlocking the Secrets of Chinese Fortune Telling
Unlocking the Secrets
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Bapaku P. Ramlee by Nasir P. Ramlee
Bapaku P. RamleePrice : RM 24.90
Confessions of an Old Boy
Confessions of
an Old Boy
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Selling Blue Elephants
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Capital Ideas Evolving
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Koleksi / Direktori Penulis
Akademi Pengajian Melayu, Universiti Malaya
Penerbit UKM
Penerbit UM
PTS Publications
Yayasan Warisan Johor
Koleksi N. Sembilan
Hadiah Sastera Utusan
Koleksi Prof Dr. Hamka
Kembara Buku
Kumpulan Cerpen
Rujukan Sekolah
Mengapa Kanak-kanak Sukar Belajar
Kek Lapis Sarawak
Bila Tuhan Berbicara
Kekasih Sam Po Bo
Kunci Menjadi Individu Berkredibiliti
Tunggu Teduh Dulu-FaisalTehrani
Setitis Embun Semarak Api
Cinta Fansuri
Atas Nama Cinta

  Book Communities  

Pilihan Ujana Ilmu
(Sila klik pada judul)

  1. Ikan Fugu, Lukisan & Jimson – Faisal Tehrani
  2. Bila Tuhan Berbicara – Faisal Tehrani
  3. Keledang – A Samad Said
  4. Atas Nama Cinta  – Isa Kamari
  5. Ayat-ayat Cinta – Habiburrahman El Shirazy
  6. Setitis Embun Semarak Api – Shahnon Ahmad
  7. Siri Pengetahuan ISLAM – Dato’ Dr. Haron Din
  8. Koleksi Buku Prof Dr. Hamka
  9. Cinta Fansuri – A. Samad Said
  10. Ensiklopedia Perbidanan Melayu – Anisah Barakbah
  11. Islam dan Demokrasi – Ust. Abdul Hadi Awang
  12. Laskar Pelangi – Andrea Hirata
  13. Tukcai – Azizi Abdullah
  14. Siri Novel Sejarah Pahlawan Islam – Abdul Latip bin Talib
  15. Dari Salina ke Langit Petang – A. Samad Said
  16. Dato’ Dr. Haron Din Menjawab Persoalan Fikah Harian – Dato’ Dr. Haron Din
  17. Sebuah Trilogi Tiga Genre – Arena Wati
  18. Kekasih Sam Po Bo – Faisal Tehrani
  19. Pakej Sasterawan – A Samad Said / Faisal Tehrani / Nisah Haron
  20. Tunggu Teduh DuluFaisal Tehrani
  21. Masuk Barisan – Jigo, Attokz dan Basri
  22. Cakra Waruga – Arena Wati
  23. Cinta Sangkuriang Rindu Oedipus – Nisah Haji Haron
  24. Surat-surat Perempuan JohorFaisal Tehrani 
  25. Mencari Locus Standi – Nisah Haji Haron
  26. Advencer Si Peniup NeyFaisal Tehrani
  27. 1511 H (Kombat)Faisal Tehrani
  28. 1515Faisal Tehrani
  29. Pemikiran Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad – Abdul Mua’ti@Zamri Bin Ahmad
  30. Farris Putera Yang Hilang – Nisah Haji Haron
  31. Perjalanan Ku Sejauh Ini: Sebuah Autobiografi – SN Shahnon Ahmad
  32. Ranjau Sepanjang Jalan – Shahnon Ahmad 
  33. A Samad Said Kehidupan Seorang Seniman Malaysia
  34. Adik Datang – A Samad Said
  35. Ilham Di Tepi Tasik – A Samad Said 
  36. Bulan Tak Bermadu Di Fatehpur SikriA Samad Said
  37. Rindu Ibu (Versi Santai)– A Samad Said
  38. Dan Malam, Apabila Ia Berlalu – SN Abdullah Hussain
  39. Cara Mudah Menjahit Langsir – Noraini Margono
  40. Kek Lapis Sarawak – Rabiah Amit 
  41. Kaedah Penyelidikan Dan Panduan Penulisan (Esei, Proposal, Tesis) – Sulaiman Masri
  42. Tanaman Hiasan: Khasiat Makanan & Ubatan – Ong Hean Chooi
  43. Teknik Mengajar KOMSAS – Naffi Mat
  44. Kritikan Sastera Melayu Moden – Mana Sikana
  45. Al Andalus Menangis – Fahd Razy
  46. Ayah Kita Bos – Tok Rimau & Sinaganaga
  47. The Missing Piece (Bah. 2) – Fatimah Busu
  48. P Ramlee Di Cekara Nusantara – Awang Azman Awang Pawi
  49. Panduan Mengurus Pusat Sumber Sekolah – Azman Larut
  50. Teori dan Kritikan Sastera Malaysia dan SingapuraMana Sikana
  51. Pengembaraan Ibn Battuta Musafir Islam – Ross E. Dunn